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The Trevett Legacy.

Trevett Capital Partners is part of the Busey family of financial services—a leading organization serving clients in downstate Illinois, Indianapolis and Southwest Florida since 1868.

The name Trevett Capital Partners symbolizes a strong heritage with which we are proud to be associated. Through sound leadership and guidance, solid financial principles and valued relationships with its clients and communities, the Trevett-Mattis organization founded a tradition of excellence that we honor in the name Trevett. We understand the importance and significance of preserving legacies and are honored to build upon its storied history and values.

The Trevett legacy of service began in 1861 when the founding organization was established to help investors capitalize on western expansion. Trevett-Mattis steadily grew into one of the largest financial services institutions in its markets-diligently serving its communities and spurring economic growth over the next century.




  • Works to meet your financial goals
  • Is centered around you
  • Understands your needs, values and dynamics
  • Focuses on the accumulation and preservation of your legacy
Trevett Capital Partners, A Busey Business, provides products and services through Busey Bank and its various affiliates and subsidiaries.
Investment Products and Services: Are Not FDIC Insured | Are Not Bank Guaranteed | May Lose Value
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